Personal Data Policy

We are the processors of personal data for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We shall request and retain personal information that is required only for the purpose of offering mediation and/or professional practice consultancy.

The personal information will not be retained or shared without the written consent of the client or consultee by the signing of a Personal Data Agreement.

It may be necessary to share personal data with third parties from time to time including the mediator’s professional practice consultant, consultees or independent professionals the client(s) wish to engage in the mediation process.

It may also be necessary to share personal data with appropriate authorities where there is considered to be a risk of harm, previously undisclosed criminal offence or following a formal complaint.

Clients’ consent for the sharing of personal data with third parties will be obtained by the signing of the Personal Data Agreement and/or Agreement to Mediate.

Personal information will be securely stored both in electronic and paper form.

When not in use files will be kept in locked filing cabinets in a locked office.

Electronic files will only be capable of access with a password and (where available) thumb print technology.

When transporting files to and from meetings files will be kept in a locked case in the possession of the mediator.

Files will be destroyed by shredding.

Personal data will be destroyed after 12 months the balance of the file will be destroyed after seven years or in accordance with the Legal Aid Agency’s guidelines.