What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured, voluntary process held in a secure neutral environment within which clients are assisted by an impartial third person (a mediator).

The process commonly entails a one to one Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) between each client and the mediator, during which the mediator will explain the process of mediation and options available to the clients. The clients are also given the opportunity to share their issues, concerns and ask any questions.

The next step in the process is for clients to attend a number of sessions together or simultaneously at which the mediator guides them to share their issues, identify and explore resolutions and come to agreement.

During the sessions, the clients are assisted by the mediator to hold civil, constructive discussion and when appropriate the mediator will provide legal information on a neutral basis enabling the clients to make informed decisions.

Tailored to you

We offer family mediation at numerous locations across the Central Southern region.

Our sessions are tailored to suit your needs, with options as to location, timing, duration and structure: face to face, separate (shuttle) or via video call.

Where appropriate we involve independent professionals to provide bespoke advice, for example to value assets or advice on pensions.

Our fees are competitive, clear and provided to you at the outset.

We are able to assess clients for Legal Aid, which would be offered if eligible.

In addition

We will provide you with a summary following each session of mediation, detailing agreements reached and preparation needed for the next session.  We are happy to communicate and co-operate with any separate legal advisors who may be involved throughout the process.

Once agreement is reached, we provide a final summary, parenting plan or memorandum of understanding, providing complete clarity as to what you have agreed and why.

You will have continuity, as all sessions will be conducted with the same all issues mediator, accredited by the FMC.  We will manage the process by guiding you through the steps of mediation, providing legal information on a neutral basis when necessary enabling you to make informed decisions, assisting you to hold civil, constructive discussions.

In circumstances where mediation is not suitable or has broken down, we can provide you with the completed application forms required to enable you to issue a family court application.  Only a mediator accredited by the FMC can do this.

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