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Family mediation services across Hampshire and beyond.

What we offer

Summit Family Mediation provides mediation to separated couples and their extended families across Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire helping to resolve all issues arising from the breakdown of family relationships.  

Common issues include making separation formal, dividing finances and arranging the future care of children. 

All mediation is provided by an all issues mediator with accreditation from the Family Mediation Council, (FMC) and 20 years experience of practising family law. Sessions are tailored to suit your needs, with options on location, timing, structure and duration.

Summit Family Mediation also offers professional practice consultancy to FMC accredited mediators and those working towards accreditation.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation offers many benefits, including:

  • less acrimony;
  • fairness for all;
  • impartiality on the part of the mediator;
  • giving you control and ownership over the process and results;
  • flexibility of timing, duration and structure of sessions;
  • a quicker more cost effective process to resolution.

Our approach

Summit Family Mediation:

  • numerous locations*
  • tailored sessions*
  • continuity of an experienced FMC accredited mediator*
  • competitive fees*
  • assessment and provision of legal aid
  • supporting documentation throughout the process*
  • involvement of independent professionals
  • communication with legal advisors
  • provision of completed court application forms

*Also offered to PPC consultees.

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